Posted on Oct 18, 2019

Evan D. Collins, MD

Dr. Collins and his associate nurse was extremely helpful and listened very intently on my current issues.
I had surgery on my right arm for ulnar nerve damage. I’ve not seen any improvements but that’s not a result of Dr. Collins it may be a result of a much greater issue within my spinal cord in the cervical area.
Dr. Collins was extremely attentive of my current situation, at this point we will look at how things progress or digress in the next six weeks. Dr. was not in anyway rushing to have surgery on my left arm as he wants to fully understand what happens in the next six weeks. His office manager, nursing staff and of course Dr. Collins was most professional and a great listener.
Sometimes I feel like Dr’s just do not want to listen to what a patient has to say, I have to say Dr. Collins was very attentive to my current health situation. I appreciate so much Dr. Collins extremely GREAT bedside manners that he has. He is very attentive & pleasant and very personable. He come highly recommended by my neurosurgeon Dr. Todd Trask who has performe 4 brain surgeries on me as well as 4 spinal surgeries due to my spinal brain injury 13.5 yes ago.
I highly recommend Dr. Collins as a orthopedic surgeon. Please disregard any negative comments as I thin if anyone knows and understands his patients, it is Dr. Trask and Dr. Collins
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