Posted on Jan 22, 2020

Evan D. Collins, MD

today I had the privilege of interacting with the physicians assistant (GARRETT) that supports Dr. Collins.
I definitely would give him a five out of five or six out of five for his follow up and for taking advantage of escalating the issues I’ve been experiencing. I asked that Dr. Collins off provide the link so I can provide feedback as this is so important when it comes to a customer Who is seeking professional and critical help regarding their health.
Garrett was especially focused on my situation and very compassionate, he then followed up with my surgeon Dr. Collins to see what might could be done. I continue to be very impressed with Methodist hospital, they are the best record keepers as well as in my opinion the very best in customer satisfaction. Thank you Garrett for providing such helpful information that will be sent over to the corporate office as well as Dr. Collins.
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